Friday, September 12, 2008

Lightning Scientific Arnis
is a Filipino Martial art founded by Benjamin Luna Lema in 1937.

Benjamin Lema was born in Mambusao, Capiz on the island of Panay in the Philippines on March 19th, 1919. He learned his Arnis skills from his father as well as from other masters. He died on January 5th, 2003.

Lightning Scientific Arnis is a system that revolves around the concept of Tercia Serrada Cadenilla y Espada y Daga which is a method of intercepting and redirecting attacks and blind-siding the opponent by going to the off-side and blanketing him with a barrage of continuous strikes while the checking hand constantly pushes, presses and controls his opponent putting him in a constant state of imbalance. In advanced practice the empty had will be replace by a dagger to escalate the technology eventually as the practitioner progresses through the discipline.

The organization in Manila, Philippines is headed by Lema's daughter Patty L. Caballero.


Lightning Scientific Arnis has a wide repertoire of techniques ranging from Solo Baston, Doble Baston, Baston Daga, Espada Y Daga, up to unarmed combat. It covers a wide range of skills for all fighting distances. All-in-all, it is a complete fighting system.

Manner of Striking- A set of 13 strikes that teach the various targets and the corresponding appropriate attacks for each.

12 METHODS- 12 prescribed attack patterns that combine the 13 basic strikes taught in the "Manner of Striking."

Bigay-Tama- Semi-Free and Freestyle attack and defense patterns that combine the aspects of Defense and Counter-Attack through simulated combat that puts the practitioner through sets of randomized attacks that he will have to identify, defend against and counter at full impact and high speed.

Club Assault A set of 42 Defenses that include Stick versus Stick Disarming, Emtpy-hand disarming versus stick, locks, holds and reverses.

Serrada- A fighting concept of intercepting the opponents attack and redirecting it off of the centerline while moving to the back of the opponent by jamming the attack with one's own combination and blanketing the opponent with strikes.

Serrada may be done in various weapon combinations:
Baston Serrada - One Stick
Doble Baston Serrada - Two Sticks
Baston Daga Serrada - Stick and Knife
Espada Y Daga Serrada - Sword and Dagger
Empty-Hand Serrada - Unarmed

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